Zazil Tunich

Greetings, brave explorer!

Welcome to an extraordinary mission that will immerse you in the enigmas and mysteries of the ancient Mayan civilization. Your objective is to discover how to reach Zazil Tunich, a place shrouded in secrets and reserved only for those bold enough to accept the challenge.

Your mission begins in the bustling city of Valladolid. Head to 41st Street and join the MEX 180 highway, following the signs to Cancun. Keep your eyes peeled, for after 9 kilometers, a turn will reveal the intriguing village of Tikuch. Enter this place and follow the road as it will lead you to your destination.

Continue your journey for 3 more kilometers until you come to a police checkpoint. This landmark will indicate that you should turn left, entering the mysterious road to Yalcoba. As you advance, a peculiar curved bridge will confirm that you are on the right path.

Vista de la entrada del poblado "Tikuch"
View of the entrance to the “Tikuch” village.
Police checkpoint, it indicates that you must turn left following the sign that says “Yalcoba”.
Near Bridge to Yalcoba

When you get to Yalcoba, pay attention until you see the last stop before the center of town. There, on your left, a mini-supermarket will serve as a sign to turn right on street 9. At the next corner, turn left and continue on this road for 7 more kilometers. Keep an eye out for a basketball court that will appear on your left, approximately two blocks after you have turned. Also, after passing the fourth stop altogether on this road, an enigmatic country road will open up in front of you. Don’t be fooled by the signs pointing the way to the village of “Xtut”. If you reach that place, it means that you have gone too far and you will have to retrace your steps. Be alert, because the destination you are looking for is hidden in this 7 kilometer stretch.

To assist you in your mission, we have provided an interactive map that you can download to your mobile device via the Google Maps link below. Please note that during your journey, mobile signal reception may be poor in some areas. Therefore, we strongly recommend downloading the map offline before starting your trip, ensuring that you have access to the complete route at all times.

Map Here

If you need more clues or additional information to complete your mission, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with the necessary guidance to help you discover the secrets of “Zazil Tunich”.

May the ancient Mayan spirits guide your path!

Sincerely, The Zazil Tunich Family

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