Zazil Tunich

Guided Tour in Cavern-Cenote

In Zazil Tunich you’ll discover nature’s masterpiece creations, some of which the world can enjoy today. In this journey of 200 meters in diameter and 20 meters underground, 80 of which are covered in striking stalactites and stalagmites that guide you to the deepest part of XIBALBA, you will find the sacred cenote of shallow water. Though you´ll first have to traverse through the crossing of the MAYAN KISS, which is shaped by the whimsical inclination of a giant Leaning Stalagmite, and the ALUX CAVE (The Custodian of the Grottoes), right next to the platform of the XIBALBA MEN.

This journey will immerse you in the mysticism of the Mayan Underworld full of tranquility, and amazement of such a creation that nature has composed. The Mayan mythology deemed these sites a shrine to the more distinguished energies that have remained here for centuries.

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Points of Interest of the Tour

1.-  Entrance

2.-  Stalagmites Chi’i’lbalil 

3.-  The biggest stalactite in Yucatán

4.-  Stalagmita Yu’um Kimil 

5.-  Formations Hunahpu e Ixbalanque

6.-  Mayan Corner

7.-  Zazil Tunich Stone Formations

8.-  Chuchumaquic

9.-  Alux Cave

10.-  The crossing of the Mayan Kiss

11.-  Sacred Platform

12.- Platform of the Gods

13.-  Hun-Came Stalagmite 

14.-  Departure

Much more than a cenote!

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